Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hats! Hats! Hats!

But first, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am taking some time off teaching work and people-dealing-with-ing (or however you might word "avoiding family") and for the first time in a while have time and energy to do internet shopping stuff. Now, ok, I understand the whole anti- Black Friday anti-consumerism thing, and yes I feel guilty for contributing to that whole problem, but I don't really have any other time to go shopping. Maybe I will compromise by looking at things tonight but not buying anything for myself until winter break. I have to do family christmas shopping too. Argh.

Anyway, this post is really just a chance to announce the resurgence of hats. Hats! There are sooo many lovely 20s style cloches over on the anthropologie website. They make me so happy; I just want to buy some gauzy tube dresses and a garter-belt hip flask and let my inner flapper out. But they also make me confused, since there is nothing else from that time period-adjacent on the site. How are you supposed to wear them? What are they supposed to go with? Could I wear them while teaching and not get overheated in the classroom? It seems silly to buy hats and not have anybody see them because I spend all my time indoors. Hmm.

Dude they even have a sparkly sequin fascinator, which I would never wear in a million years but now I am thinking about gun molls and Busby Berkley and it is making me happy. Unclear on what to wear, but still, happy.

They also have a lot of Deco jewelry which is very pretty but makes me sad because I can't have pierced ears because the metal bothers me too much. I seem to be allergic to it (along with everything else). I don't have a problem with rings or necklaces because I can't be arsed to put on jewelry two days in a row. So really, the thought of me spending any money on accessories, when I never really make the effort to find them and put them on consistently, is completely laughable.

While I am on the subject of clothing I will point out that I still haven't figured out a shoe solution. I think I posted long ago that the weather was getting cold enough that my heels and ballet flats weren't cutting it, but that I didn't want to wear boots every day. Maybe I should just wear boots every day. I bought several pairs of pants in that new slimmer silhouette and don't know what to wear with them. Oxfords with no socks just looks and feels wrong. It also leaves my ankles cold. And my only Oxfords are burgundy/purple. Ballet flats leave the tops of my feet cold, and clogs/full shoes/some booties look really really weird and clunky and big at the end of a skinny ankle pant. Maybe I can find some short boots that don't look too big. I see they have also brought back loafers (shudder) and even the tassled loafers (shudder shudder). They do look slender with the skinny legs, I will give you that. I just associate them with old unfashionable people from the last time they were in fashion.

See, the problem when they make a major silhouette change is that if you update to that new shape, you have to then update everything in a chain reaction. Older styles of shoes don't go with the skinny pant, and then I want longer tops to draw attention away from my crotch, and then you start thinking that the fashion pics are right in bringing back additional layers in boxier shapes on top of the long shirt or tunic, and then you have to update everything to bring it together (I haven't even touched on colors and how I am currently having trouble getting any tops to match with my new(ish) pants). The problem is I want to go out and buy maybe one new thing. Not a whole wardrobe at once.

And I don't even know how the hats fit in with that silhouette anyway!


Flavia said...

Cloche hats (of which I have one) are outer wear, yes? I mean, sure: when everyone wore hats, women wore them indoors, but I don't think people do these days.

And re: earrings: is it all metals? My mom's earlobes get irritated by earrings with non-gold metal studs, but it's actually pretty easy to find earrings (and not necessarily fancy/expensive ones) with 14K gold studs.

Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

Does this help, Cog?

And here's a pair of shoes to go with it (pricey but inspiring):

I second the suggestion to wear a cloche with your outerwear. Fascinators (and tiaras) are great for wearing at home when you need to get some writing done. If it makes you happy, it can't hurt! Go for it!