Friday, December 13, 2013

So close! So blargh!

Well I haven't been completely too busy, but I have not been posting. And about a week ago I started coming down with a cold --- or maybe something worse, because it was accompanied by chills and a fever and my neck hurts about where lymph nodes should exist, I think. It has been weird because this is like the first time I have noticed heat/achiness wash over me and then go away again. I have been complaining about wanting to not feel like this any more and then boom! got my period. Yup, now I feel different, and way worse! And not sure I can mix those medicines.

I have been coming home and sleeping on the couch from 5 to about 9 or so, eating some dinner, chugging insane amounts of orange juice (btw, I need to get a third bottle for this week as I'm out again), and heading downstairs to bed. I would think after a few days of this I would be fine again, but no.

On the brighter side, I am done with classes! Yay! I got big huge stacks of research papers and even have graded some. I have the grades mostly wrapped up and once I do these with the last peer reviews I will only have the finals. Those are Wed and Thurs. Then I will start dealing with Christmas stuff and a long list of stuff I didn't get around to during the semester, and then I will work on tweaking my classes so they are more successful and less frustrating this time around. (I am teaching the same 2 courses.) The tweaking would be more successful if I hadn't stopped updating my "do this differently next time" file when the workload went crazy. Unfortunately that was probably also the time I was least prepped and had the most problems. I'm sure I will be asking you all about it, looking for that magic bullet.

Until then, I toast you with a kleenex and the last little bit of orange juice --- salud!


Belle said...

Poor Sisyphus! Get yourself some EmergenC too; fewer calories than all that orange juice, lots of good stuff. And it might help.

Good thing you have cats to keep you warm!

Dr. Koshary said...

It may well be a placebo, but I'm fond of taking 500mg of ester-C daily as a preventive measure. It might help you heal a little faster than OJ, too, since the pill will time-release the vitamin slower than the juice will. Basically, you can end up urinating out the Vitamin C from OJ without ever getting the nutritional benefit.

Feel better!