Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random bullets of Grade All The Homework Day

  • Ugh!  Have I graded all the homework? No I have not! Clearly I am not doing at all well on my new year's resolutions. Except doing my yoga. I have been working on that regularly and on extending my time/difficulty back to where I last was before I had to deal with moving and falling off the exercise wagon.
  • I have a huge stack of poetry responses which I really need to have all finished by tomorrow morning, as I got essays today and will get more poetry homework tomorrow, but all I want to do right now is eat another snack and take a nap. I'm hungry! I'm yawning! Bleah!
  • Back to my resolutions: I guess it is good that the Lunar New Year is coming up and I can re-dedicate myself to the resolutions all over again. I'm probably gonna need another holiday/ceremony a month after that. Sigh.
  • I had a bagel and put apricot jam on it (that's what's in the house, dude) and now I think I am even more hungry than before. Weird. And I have very little food in the house so I need to make a meal plan and grocery list for tomorrow. And I need to eat all the stuff that is about to go "off" any minute tonight. That doesn't include unfreezing another bagel and adding jam.
  • Also: my little laptop has had some warning windows pop up at me, so that means I think I need to travel across the country and visit an Apple store this weekend for a tune-up of some kind. I made an appointment, so that's what I'm doing when you all are caring about the Superbowl. Which is fine by me, but, man! It's a long drive to anywhere with a Genius Bar.
  • I totally should label my office "Genius Bar." And serve drinks. And witty advice. 'Cause there's nothing absurd or egotistical about labeling some workplace a Genius Bar, right?
  • My list of Other Random Crap I Need to Get Around To is growing exponentially. If only I was able to explain my lack of time by pointing to all the fun stuff or hard work I have done, but I have been faffing about on the internet a lot lately. I finally wrote to get my old retirement stuff rolled over and a bunch of bills paid off, (ooh and drs visits too) but now our school has changed around health care plans, and I thought I understood, but can't make head or tail of the new abbreviations and labels on my paycheck, so I think I need to go in and have someone explain it all to me again. 
  • Oh, and the wellness center is doing reduced-cost cholesterol checks, and I kinda want to get that done (not really interested in the fasting or the calling and making an appointment bits, though). And my parents are nagging me to get a flu shot. Sigh. I should get a flu shot. I can't think of a good time to get a flu shot. Grumble.
  • Did I tell you that I went to put something away in my glovebox and the whole handle thingy pulled off in my hand? And that it doesn't open now? Argh. I should take it in and have it fixed, except I'm not positive they can fix that.
  • In the spirit of not grumbling for a second, my students seem pretty great so far. And I like meeting with them all at 9 every morning. I'm up, awake, and in a good mood. And almost completely caffeinated by that time. (I usually get up about 6 or 6:30.) It is a good thing that I am spending my "best" hour in the classroom, although it means once I'm done and have done a little grading or prep I am pretty pooped and disinclined to read or write anything. So good for my students, not so good for you or any other potential readers. I'm just too grumpy and whiny to write my half-finished funny posts in the late afternoon.
  • My cat says hello. Oh, wait --- no, he says "refill my bowl you ignorant jerkwad." Guess I better go.


JaneB said...

My cat definitely calls me nice naems BEFORE I refill her bowl, it's only after she's seen the muck I give her that she gets insulting...

Anonymous said...

You can get flu shots at grocery stores that have pharmacies. It doesn't get any more convenient than that!