Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brilliant Idea Gone Awry, #492

Now that I have about 87 million identical school keys jammed onto my key ring, I thought that getting a key topper or otherwise marking my office key was in order.

Tonight I was tidying up and looking at my bottle of red nail polish and said, "brilliant! I can just leave a spot on each side and mark out my office door key for free!"

Of course I didn't want to remove it from the key ring, and that stupid mini flashlight I have on it bobbled everywhere, and now I have red on it and flecks on the non office keys and tons of crap on my hands ---- nowhere near my nails, I should add. 

Where are my cats, where are my cats? If they swish those keys off the table before its polish dries, I'm gonna kill! Who knew that this would be even worse than trying to paint one's own toes?

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