Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Girl on Fire

This is just a little post from The Hot Place to make the announcement OHMIGOD ITS FRIGGEN HOT ARRRRGJH IT BURNS!!!!!! Yesterday I had the un-fun experience of staying indoors all day and watching the thermostat number climb steadily despite the AC running full blast and not having it cool off indoors that night. It was a hundred and friggen fourteen, people! That is just wrong. It also really sucks that I feel trapped inside on days like that when the only things this place has going for it are the outdoor places of natural beauty. And Netflix. I am currently catching up on the various iterations of Borgia/s that appeared a few years ago. I could do that, however, anywhere.

Last weekend I went up, up, up to higher elevation on a hike that I hoped would be cooler and more pleasant. It was a good hike, but "cooler" according to wunderground meant 95 up where we were. Gack. And pretty, but not as nice of vista views as you'd expect from the elevation gain. Stupid trees. Or topography. Something. And now I have an enormous blister on the side of each big toe --- whatever, that is to be expected and they will go away soon. But what's odd is that I just noticed I have two weird little blisters on the middle finger of my left hand --- from cooking? from what? OMG have I somehow picked up --- warts? Ew. How did that happen?

With the heat being this unpleasant I am halfway convinced to just pack up and go on a progress throughout the countryside to visit various friends and family. But alas, my cats. Usually I love them and they are what keeps me sane throughout the rest of the year. But they do not like travel, even down to the vet, which is 1.2 miles as I have told them when they are screaming in the car, and boarding them at the vet is incredibly expensive.  I just don't like the idea of spending those levels of money on travel and it doesn't even count towards my hotel etc. And I am far away enough from most of my people that I can't manage short trips on a drive ---- most of the time is driving to meet them. Grumble.

Also, I conceived a plan to drive out to Isolated Mountain Retreat, and now I have chickened out. I haven't taken that road, and when I looked it up in the news there are regular reports of people losing control on the curves or driving off the cliff face. Now I feel like I can't handle driving it. You know that one stretch of the 1 highway down California, the beautiful cliffside road by Big Sur that they put in all the car ads? I used to be able to ride around and even drive on that stretch because I didn't think about it. Then I thought about it too much and I am too freaked out to go on there any more. I am silly, I know. It is this kind of overthinking that keeps me grumpy and on the back balcony instead of out having adventures. (BTW, I am on my balcony now; it is very balmy and nice out --- only abut 80 when I came out here at 7.)

Anyways, that's all the news from The Hot Place: It's hot. I'm my own worst ball and chain. The tomato plant stubbornly refuses to ripen any more of the green tomatoes. And the cats like to sit and watch me from behind the balcony door, occasionally making meows of protest that only barely can be heard through the glass.


Anonymous said...

I hate it, the summer. I hate it so much with the heat. If I had lots more money I would summer elsewhere!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I cannot bear hot weather. To me, it's worse than cold weather. I'm sorry you're imprisoned by the heat.

Bardiac said...

That's too hot, even for me!

Earnest English said...

I'm not a big fan of the heat either. And I know exactly that stretch of 1 near Big Sur you're talking about. I know what you mean about feeling less comfortable as a driver. I used to be such a comfortable driver, but now that I drive a mom car in the snow, I've turned into the wimpiest driver in the world. (Of course, some of this has to do with the fact that I was never raised to drive in snow -- I was raised to freak out and put on a parka if it got below 55 degrees.)