Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pardon me, but could I wear your parlor decor?

I just went shopping with family and bought several things. Call me weird, but many of the cute things in Crate and Barrel I had no interest in using, but really wished they were something I could wear. Alas, they are pricey enough I could not buy a bunch, take them apart and use the fabric for my own purposes. Especially if it is outdoor sunbrella type fabric rather than a nice soft blend.

This should be a notch-neck 60s-style shift dress with some black blocking --- not sure if the whole back side should be black or if it would just need some strong black edging and trim.

Can't you see this one making a nice skirt, or maybe even a button-down blouse? Heavens, no, not together!

This chevron-triangle one is my favorite ---- some people might think that it should be turned 90 degrees and made into a maxi dress, but I am too short for maxi dresses, so I want this to be an a-line flared skirt at about knee length.

This one is my least favorite but I could see it as a fun wrap dress or perhaps a shell to go under a jacket/cardigan type situation.

Thank you for indulging my weirdness. Please make all these clothes for me. Heh.

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