Monday, October 13, 2014

Embarrassing financial related post

Last week --- or was it really already two weeks ago? Dang, time is getting away from me here --- I did my laundry. And like a stupid person, I decided I should separate out and hand wash all my bras like they tell you to, to save the underwires. And instead of taking them back to the apartment with me, I must have left them there, in our complex's laundry room --- and when I went back for them they were gone. 

Arrrgh argh.  I have been trying to make do with what I had on, which was back, and thus really tough to figure out my work wardrobe. So today I bit the bullet and went to Macy's for their sale and got a bunch of bras. Except I had to try at least three ranges of sizes and got up to the checkout and discovered that none of those bras were on sale. Fuckit then. I got them anyway. But talk about annoying expenditures --- the lost bras were only a few months old!!! And these are for work, so no one *should* see them and they are supposed to be boring. Stupid money. I have a lot of wearing out clothes that I should replace instead, so it is all very frustrating. 

So, still no closer to having a house payment or a kayak/rack payment. 

Remind me to never let these bras out of my bedroom unless they are on my body, ok? 


Belle said...

Well, you can take them into the bathroom if you insist on hand washing them. But then, as soon as they're dry - get 'em back into the bedroom/dressing area where they belong.

Or suck it up and throw 'em in with the rest of the wash. So much easier.

I too had somebody steal all my underwear (bras, panties, slips) once. Still gives me the creeps.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Ugh! Good bras are so expensive. I wouldn't let these out of your apartment. Hand wash in the sink!

jo(e) said...

That really sucks. I buy expensive bras (I hate cheap ones) and if I had to replace mine, it would cost hundreds of dollars.