Sunday, February 8, 2015

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah well ok that's nice


You know how, I was all, depressed and sad and freaking out about becoming unemployed and starving to death over winter break? And how I went on to NORCAL HERC and SOCAL HERC and just started slamming out applications to absolutely everything?

I guess that paid off... how nice!

Except, no, now I get to go bomb an interview I'm totally not qualified for. Like, if I had applied to be financial program director for some interdisciplinary center, I could probably learn that stuff on the job, right, but this thing is more like financial program director for an accounting program and they would like me to split the time between administrating and teaching and you know I don't have any degrees anywhere related to the field, right? Do I tell them I don't know math??? 

Hmm. I guess it was an honor just to be nominated. (What were you thinking???)


Contingent Cassandra said...

Maybe they want you to do "writing for accounting" or similar? One can do "writing for" almost anything (and, as I've proven to myself numerous times while teaching scientists to write, one need not understand the content to do so).

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Grl (sic), you know it's all about fit. Do I know how to teach 18th century French novels? No, F no. Am I doing it anyway? Yep. And look, even if you get it and it doesn't feel like a good fit to you, it's a stopgap while you look for something else.

Break a leg with the interview!

undine said...

Go! Rock the interview!