Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Flattered, I'm sure....

Huh. Remember how I was terrified I would never get a job again and starve to death and therefore applied out to Every. Single. Community College. Job. Ever? That had mixed results. I just got rejected for a couple more "high transfer rate" CCs in places I wouldn't mind living (including a very nice place I got an interview at last time) and now I have an interview for a place that is like the place I currently work, except even hotter and more rural. Wait, no, a little less hot, a lot more in drought, and a very small town.

Oh, I'm going to go to the interview and rock it best I can. But it is unfortunate that my CV is starting to stack up some "strengths" and experience that is actually not a good match for me ---- my sojourn here, for example. It probably looks like I want to work with students with these specific qualities when it is actually the case that I have difficulty reaching students with these qualities.

I'm grumpy. I wish it were spring break already. And maybe I should just move into my parents' basement and live there forever because I am sick of the whole concept of employment.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good luck. It doesn't sound like this is what you want, but it may do for a year or so. It's hard not feeling like it's possible to settle down, though, if you're looking at temporary (though possibly permanent) gigs. How's your research looking? Anything you can do might get you a good look from someplace similar to my school. That may be the only way to bust out of the CC job market at this point. Even one article will make you look serious about getting back into the 4-year slacs (or similar).

teresa said...

All the best Cog !

I had been looking for a job since I submitted my thesis in April. The fact that I have to do some major changes to my thesis doesn't really help matters. However, I still went on to attend some 10 interviews, and only got a job offer last month.

You will get there eventually.