Sunday, April 26, 2015


Haven't done this in a while, but I have so many competing types of things on my to-do list I thought writing it out might help. I have a lot of cleaning type stuff I need to do, but a lot of grading and preparing class stuff I NEED to do. Here goes:


clean catbox
last load of laundry
clean up kitchen (and floor?)
dust/tidy/vacuum living room
sort the travel stuff --- paperwork?
go through bills/receipts
call for haircut?

teaching stuff:
grade other half of essay pile
check turnitin
respond to 2 student emails (3?)
grade HW 8 for Mon
grade HW 7 for Tues class
prepare Tues class
prepare Wed class, other Wed class (finish reading)
make grade updates for other other class?

also I am gross and need a shower.

Let's do this!!!


find appy thingies
apply 5 thingies

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