Monday, July 6, 2015

Still here... starting to apply for things

Well, I must say this sucks. I like orderly, transparent systems and procedures to follow; my sister says that outside of the academic job market, job searching has nothing to do with any of that. If it were a case of typing lots of things or pulling a lever a lot of times, I would put in long hours of work job searching. But it's kind of like job hunting and gathering, when I have no fucking clue what tracks or spoor jobs leave and I'm kind of just wandering around in circles. You know, just like if I were out hunting in the wilderness. I hope I have better luck in this than in, I dunno, duck hunting.

So I'm wandering the hills and woods looking for jobs to apply to. Except, as my sister points out, most of the jobs her company fills never get posted --- they get filled before they are advertised by internal candidates or because someone personally knows a good candidate they should take a chance on. The What Color is Your Parachute book agrees:

Bleah. You know what this means? I will need to find people who are employed and convince them I am a good candidate they should make a job opening for! And that means ---- networking! AKA talking to people I don't know ugh!!!! Or making ... ugh, small talk! Or even asking people for things! BLEAH!!!!

This post might not make any grammatical sense because I have the tv on in the background and I can never write like that. I obviously can't revise or proof either because I keep putting in words from the Daily Show as I read back through.

Anyway, I found three things and applied to them today, so I feel like I have accomplished something. But soon I'm going to have to talk to people and do all that networking shit, and I am so not looking forward to that.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Every job my hubby has gotten has been through networking. He hates it too, and has social anxiety issues. It's the worst. But it definitely gets results. What kinds of jobs are you looking at? We know a lot of people in the Bay Area. Maybe we can help. Plus, if you have not already done so, update your LinkedIn page and put a bunch of transferrable skills on there.

I'm gone this week (obviously), but message me where you're living and what you're looking at. I might be able to point you to some people. It's always easier to network with people who are friends of friends or something. Really. I'm happy to help however I can.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Trying to talk people into making an opening for me. It's the WORRRSSSSSST. I really wish it were as straightforward as just applying. Good luck!

Dr. Dad, PhD said...

Personally, I don't mind talking to people or networking, I just have a horrible time getting anything out of it (of the job offer variety). I do get plenty of actionable info (apply to this, talk to that person, etc), but nothing very dramatic....

I'm not sure if it because I don't know the right people or how to ask (I was brought up thinking that you had to earn everything on your own merit and couldn't count on anyone for anything), but I get zero results from networking right now :(
I'd love to hear how you're supposed to do it so I can get better....

Contingent Cassandra said...

Well, that sounds like progress (both sending out a few applications and getting a sense of what does and doesn't work). And kudos to you for not just doing the obvious, easier thing and sending out a bunch of inquiries about adjunct work (I suspect you could easily more than fill a schedule, but I doubt the proceeds would add up to rent + gas + food + other esentials).

It also sounds like your sister has some experience/expertise in this area, which may come in handy.

Looking at that chart, I find myself wondering how one gets consultant/temp/contract jobs, since that's one way in. Are there temp agencies these days? Perhaps specialized ones that might appreciate your skills?

One colleague who made the academia-->private enterprise transition (she's now doing some sort of corporate training) eventually found a job through a headhunter who found her c.v. on linkedin or or one of those sites. Her search took over a year, however, so that probably indicates that, while it's not worthless to get your c.v. up in such places, it's not the best route when you need a job soon, either.

A couple of my alma maters host networking happy hours (where at least everyone knows what they're there for), and one (the smallest) even encourages/facilitates networking via facebook. While I doubt such events/methods are the ultimate answer, they might at least be a place/way to get your feet wet.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for years now and have appreciated
your insight and dedication to doing great and thoughtful work.
I'm looking forward to cheering for you when things get better,
as they will.

I know this isn't your dream job, but the pay/benefits are good
and it's in the Bay Area - might this be worth a try? It's a
pretty straightforward and painless application process (don't
have to schmooze anyone!), and I bet you'd be an attractive
(I don't think the exact position comes through this link, so
please search for

Job Title:

Technical Editors

Job ID:


Jobcode Desc:

Tech Communications Spec 2 (G04.2) / Tech Communications Spec 3 (G04.3)

And there's also SJSU:

Sorry if these are too far from your expertise (which I'm just guessing at since I don't actually know you!).

Good luck! You have lots of people rooting for you!