Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm Bored

And it's not to say that I have nothing to do --- I have literally a hundred things I need to do, including a huge stack of grading I just got, plus some old backup stuff to grade --- but rather it is that I have nothing I want to do in that mid- late evening slump.

I just realized that when daylight savings time ended (started? whichever), I continued to slip further and further back and go to bed earlier and earlier, until I am worried that I am going to go to a complete night schedule. Since my classes are late afternoon that seems unwise, but I'm not sure if I can switch back easily. And my sister has been getting tired and going to bed at ridiculously early hours, which is annoying now that I have gotten in the habit of socializing with her of an evening, and also she sometimes falls asleep on the floor out here in the living room with the tv on horrible things, like Tosh 2.0. Or, god help me, the shopping network. Which she is actually invested in and makes color commentary like other people do for sports. Aaaaaaaaaah!

Hrmph. I should get back in the habit of reading, but actually I have been reading plenty of online stuff all day, and besides I don't do well with night reading that is Highly Significant in any way, including really heavy emotionally. (And no, anything scary or thriller-y right before bed is a no-go!)

I just cleaned the dishes and most of the kitchen, for goodness' sake. My sis went to bed at the ridiculously early time of 7 (she did go into work extra extra early today to be sure she was there for some sort of important shipment or something ---- probably something radioactive or giant mutant dinosaur soldiers that they were concerned might escape, I'm sure. Or, you know, something.)

Hmm, all my knitting and crafting stuff is over in The Hot Place, all my books and toys and dvds, also in The Hot Place, my cats are not in The Hot Place but I can't go get them and cuddle them, sigh. I have sent out some job stuff but it never feels like enough, and I have done some informational interviewing but nothing has gone much further than that, and while it may not be as mentally and emotionally wrenching as doing the academic job search, "regular" job searching still always feels unfinished and hanging over you unpleasantly. Thing is, when you are looking for "a job" and casting a pretty wide net, unlike for teaching jobs where you pull a bunch of ads and then you're done, you could pull and pile up potential jobs to apply to for hours and hours and hours, and I get overwhelmed feeling and shut down pretty quickly. Then I'm not capable of much beyond endless games of bejeweled. Ooh, I know what I can do tonight!

Random random thought: did Farmville go out of business or just out of style? There was a time when half the people I knew on facebook were sending me various farmville requests, and I haven't heard anything about that in months. Good thing too. Maybe they turned it off so that other people don't get those announcements any more. Or maybe they have just been replaced in the algorithms by cat pictures and gifs. I guess I could teach myself how to code gifs --- that's as good an evening activity as any.

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