Monday, December 10, 2007

In Lieu of Our Regularly Scheduled Job-Market Angst, We Present Cat Pictures

Aren't his little white eyebrows the cutest?

And in answer to your questions: no, no, still nothing, I forgot to sign up for one, 3300 words but I didn't even touch it over the weekend or today, yes I am going to lie around in pajamas all day feeling sorry for myself, and what? that's a coffee stain --- hey, what're you looking at my chest for, eh? Eyes up here when I'm talkin' to you!

I swear ---- didn't your mother ever teach you some manners?


Tiruncula said...

Look at what that kitty tail can do!

Maude said...

he is adorable!

i'm considering doing the same thing today--calling in to the trainer (using icy street as an excuse) and calling in to work (same excuse) and do the same thing. coffee stain on chest included. :-)

hey, and at least you have 3300 words! i haven't even taken advantage of cogTime yet! :-(

kermitthefrog said...

Love the pointy eyebrows. :)

But... do you own a xerox machine? or is that just a fancy printer?

gwoertendyke said...

your cat is adorable....i just keep pacing. forcing myself out of my house so i stop checking my email.....oh yes, and i'm drinking too much wine at night lately.

D said...

94% of the people who go crazy from stress and jump out of grad school through the window? Cute catless. I mean, I'm guessing.

I mean, Awwwwww!

Belle said...

You have a tuxedo cat! I love tux cats; they are so sweet and gorgeous. Listen, just address the stress and know that you're not going to hear anything until the various committees get past their finals, grades submissions and holiday revels.

No, of course they don't know you're angsty. They think it's all normal and lovely out there in grad land.


Sisyphus said...

Belle --- I was told the one is a tuxedo, the other is a "cow kitty" cause of the spots on his legs (and the stripey nose, I guess?). They're keeping me sane and semi-distracted (as D will tell you; I have only a 6% chance of self-defenestration. No stats on self-implosion though.)

AW, the combination of stress and the onset of my period is making me turn to a very strange combination of fats, salts and chocolates; basically I've told the diet to go fuck itself and we'll see how much weight I put on before MLA.

Kermit: the printer is a Brother All-in-one and any grad student with a few hundred dollars to spare (or get as loans) should get it because it is awesome! I can photocopy things, including stuff for teaching, at home, and I can scan stuff in (I, ahem, "acquired" Photoshop a while back so I can store pics, make cool powerpoint slides, and save diss materials)... oh and I could fax too, if I had a fax line. But really, it's great having access to this in your own place and it was about $600 a few years ago; it's a worthwhile investment for grad school. I love that thing.

Maude, you can do it! If you only get a couple pages squeezed out before MLA, that's still some crap you won't have to frantically write afterwards, eh?