Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Problem With Piles

So ---- I have an extremely detailed and organized folder with all my plans and dinner reservations for graduation and where my family will be staying and whatnot.

However, I can't find it.

I also have numerous piles all around the apartment, neatly squared off and stacked ---- because I am OCD if not actually organized ---- none of which, on a cursory inspection, appear to include the graduation folder.

Guess what I get to do today?

(Actually, after two long days of intense reading and hurried consolidation of criticism, I welcome the chance to do something different, something where I don't have to hold quite as still. The place needs cleaning and parent-proofing anyway. And while I'm at it, if this counts as "blogging the lost" and actually turns up the folder, I'm looking for my sunglasses as well. Please keep an eye out for them among the cat hair and crumpled paper.)

And in other news, I never did find something fun and appropriate to wear under my graduation robes. Maybe I'll just go naked. Considering the laundry piles around here, that's an entirely feasible option.


Today, I did:
  • one load of laundry,
  • one sinkload of dishes,
  • finished reading a biography (still need to splice info into the chap)
  • cleaned out one drawer of the file cabinet
    • (producing two buckets of recycling)
    • in order to file numerous dissertation-related items
  • thus consolidating/eliminating 3 piles.
    • (there are 3 more, but one is teaching stuff from this quarter and I can't chuck it yet)
But still, I have not found my commencement info. I'm having to make calls and reconstruct. Bleah. However, I managed to avoid a lot of dissertation work. Yay.

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