Monday, November 3, 2008


Things are so busy here right now, and I anticipate things getting even worse tomorrow as I disintegrate into a little puddle of poll-watching angst that can do nothing besides hit "refresh" constantly.

But anyway, this is a little present for you all (inc. perhaps a certain lurker who loves cupcakes?) back from almost a month ago, when I was feeling stressed and decided to go read a novel in the park. After a couple hours reading, I decided I was hungry, and, fuckit, was just gonna say screw the calories and the diet I never seem to really be following and try out a new place in town that sells nothing but cupcakes. Freshly made ones.

I was a little dubious about 3 bucks for just one little cupcake, but it tasted very fresh (esp. the lovely mocha coffee bean icing!) and hit the spot nicely. I still need to go back and try the red velvet cake ones, which are their specialty. I sat and read for another hour or so outside the "cupcakery" (I am now in love with this word!) and felt wonderfully relaxed, more than I had in a while. Too bad it'll be another three months or something until I can take a little break like that again. Aigh! Back to the salt mines now! Send red pens, application stamps, and of course chocolate.

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medieval woman said...

There's a place hereabouts as well that sells cupcakes as their specialty - I'm going by there today to pick up some for an election get together tonight!

Sending you all the red pens you could want - and my most elite contingent of job market gnomes - they are the band *within* the band...