Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A quick post in honor of having done some work today

So a couple days ago I went on campus to use the laser printer and the letterhead for my never-ending pile of stupid applications, and this prof, who I've had some run-ins with before, had commandeered the grad lounge for his class. I think he's doing it for the whole quarter, but I'm not the most plugged in to the department these days, and besides, when someone posts a sign that says "Meeting in Progress" and lists times, my response is to barge in anyways and get my work done, but do it quietly. Because I'm dense like that, and really, it doesn't interrupt my train of thought at all. Oh, wait.

In truth, I was already in there last week before this class had started, and didn't connect it with the concept of a recurring class meeting in there weekly, and since I had a lot of errand-type stuff to do this time, I must have gone in and out of that room (unlocking the key code quietly) and up and down the hall to print and mail things about three separate trips.

The third time I come into the lounge, the prof turns to me and in a saccharine voice says, "Oh, I know why you're the only one who keeps coming in here! It's because you have to show off your fabulous boots!"




Except that's not what I heard at first.



André Dias said...

And are they fabulous?

kermitthefrog said...

I think Andre's question gets it right. The professor must have felt threatened by their fabulousness, no?

Susan said...

we want a picture of the . . . boots

Sisyphus said...

I dunno --- aren't fabulous things legends that are widely talked about but don't actually exist?

That's not at all the case here, I tell you.

Psych Post Doc said...

Wow, what a jerk. Love to see the boots.

adswithoutproducts said...

Ha, ha! Whenever anyone's disruptive in my classes, I just comment on their sex parts. Shuts them up right quick.

Sisyph., are you going to the thing next week? You know, the one that we were at last year? I am, all the way across the ocean...

Unknown said...

Quick question, do you really use letterhead for your applications? I've been advised both ways, it matters, doesn't matter.

Sisyphus said...

CR: yes, I'm going to the stuff and the thing! See you there? (presence of boots still to be decided.)

serena: yes, it seems to be standard for job apps to English departments to use letterhead ... if you have graduated a while ago and don't feel ok using your grad institution (which has an investment seeing you get a job, by the way), you should use the letterhead of whatever institution you are teaching at ---- scanning and making a template, if you can only finagle one sheet of paper.

Now, I hear on the Chronicle job boards that other disciplines and other departments have different standards, so if you're not in Engl, then ask around more with people in the know.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. I love your cog/blog. I do so feel your pain! I should finish my ph.d this summer and I'm frantically searching and applying for jobs! Sigh, the work never ends!

Good luck :)