Monday, June 1, 2009


Last night I hit my self-imposed writing deadline, and proceeded to reward myself with the first of my chosen little prizes. Awww yeah!

The wine was not actually part of the prize, but it is tasty and I figured that I might as well have some. In fact, I may have some more of it tonight if I get my reading and class prep done in time.

I thought I was going to post a picture of me and the wine in the tub, but this bath fizzie doesn't actually make bubbles, and even as an anonymous cog blogger I'm not stupid enough to provoke scandal. So I'll re-post:

I like the idea of rewarding myself with indulgences I'd never usually spend money on. This one? Eh. It was nice, and relaxing, but I have a tub that is so small I can't straighten my legs out in it (and I'm quite short) and it's one of those old ones that even after you clean it never really looks clean. This prevents me from enjoying a soak. Plus, I've lived in California so long and internalized the drought warnings so well that I feel terrible letting the water run more than an inch in the tub, I'm still holding to my original assertion: these would be awesome to bring on a conference where you're staying in the swanky hotel that it's being held at, not least because you can leave and not worry about having to scrub the ring out of the tub.

So, I'll need a different little indulgent reward for the next milestone, but I'm still up for trying beauty stuff --- maybe a pedicure, maybe a massage. What do you think? Next goal I'm getting the new Beck CD. And there's a cute gaudy little costume jewelry necklace that caught my eye; it could go on the reward list. I already have oodles of shiny colored pens. But there must be more stuff that would work. Suggestions?


azoresdog said...

A pedicure! You get to look adoringly at your feet and it lasts longer than a massage.

Here's a thought: what about a new pair of sandals? To go along with your pedicure? I'm on a foot theme here, but after all it IS almost summertime.

Cmon. You know you want new sandals.

Anonymous said...

i agree with sue. i was going to say pedicure. especially one with a good foot and calf massage. yes, i feel relaxed and happy after massages, but there's something a bit more pampering about a pedicure, in my opinion.

i like the sandal idea to go with the pedicure, too.

in addition to good wine, i also like to splurge on gourmet coffee beans, too, especially for like mornings you don't have to be anywhere or if you can sit outside and really enjoy a good cup of joe. for me, there's something so calming and relaxing about a finely brewed cup of coffee.

Sisyphus said...

Mmmm, sandals, eh? I like the way you two think ---- if I hadn't just bought a bunch of cute ballet-style flats, that is.

Anonymous said...

I think, if it's wine, then it's incumbent on you to tell us what the wine is! LDO.