Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm aiiight.

No, seriously. I'm fine. I mean, sure, once I go to sleep and process I'm a be real sick in the morning. But right now, I'm fine. I'm good. I think the trick is to work all the crap out of the system before collapsing and hopefully not be sick in the morning. But there are no guarantees. I had a lot of wine there. And griping. Do you realize I may be the only one who rememebrs what the program was like here before 2001? I have a buncha pictures of what it was like then. Pictures from 2001, 2002 ... freaky shit. Do you even realize how many people dropped outa this program during this time, the people who never finished, never got jobs, I think I'm gonna puke. That's the wine and not the program, but I feel --- stalled. That's the wine and not the program, but I feel --- stalled. Like everyone moved on, got jobs, got something, moved on, I'm still here. I'm talking to people who I remember when they were born and when President Reagan signed in on the oath of office and shit and all these youngsters are here and me. Damn.

I got dirt. It's no use to me and I'm not gonna spread it but I got it. And will have a massive hangover tomorrow. And it's all good. I'm feeling good. Gonna be sick later but dammit, I have a phd. And cats. The cats say hello. Say hello to the cats, it's all I've got, the cats and the PhD, not even any useful blackmail. Hello. Cats! yes.


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Hooray for drunk blogging! Hope you're feeling ok this morning. Eat a banana - that's my never-fail hangover cure. I think it's the potassium or something.

azoresdog said...

You are so good at this stream-of-conciousness writing. Hope you're feeling okay today. Did you wear your new shoes last night?

Phul Devi said...

Wheeeee! *clink* I been a-drinkin tonite too!

Flavia said...

Ha. Ahahahahahaha!

Totally made my morning.

I woke-up hang-over free after rather too much myself last night--and hope you did the same.