Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Sign from the Beyond

Why, oh why, does Dissertation Buddy get the fortune cookie that reads "you will be successful in your career"? Waaah! I don't care if I have the silent support of friends and loved ones! Why can't I get the career and the academic success, oh Fortune Cookie of Doom?

Yes, I'd like a large order of meaningless superstition with a steaming side of self pity, please. Your lucky numbers are 8, 14, 6, and 67.


Horace said...

AH! But that's a much less promising fortune when you add "in bed" to the end. Not so jealous now, huh?

Sisyphus said...

I dunno --- a career in bed sounds even more fun than an academic career, even ---- and those porns stars get paid pretty well, don't they?

And Bleah! I'm not sure I want the silent support of family and friends in bed! Especially if that means blood relatives!

Belle said...

Well, you have the noisy support of your bloggy friends. Not that that seems to be helping ;-(

Lucky Jane said...

How about a virtual fortune cookie [crunch]? Sorry.

When I was on the market—all those years I was on the market—I consulted my Magic 8-Ball. The process made me feel so vulnerable, and I was so repetitively moany I had to resort to inanimate objects for reassurance. It was awful, and you, m'dear, are farkin' brave.

That said, have you seen the Magic Cheezburger?

Courage and hugs.

Lucky Jane said...

Oh, I forgot to comment on the merits of making one's living in bed. If your dissertation buddy is male, then he'd make a sorry living as a porn star, one of the only industries where women outearn men.

By the way, are there any porn actors who are not referred to as "stars"? I'd be so upset if the "star" moniker were ironic. How cruel.