Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not much, how are you?

Today I finally made a pilgrimage to Target. Unfortunately I was not impressed by the Liberty for Target collection --- the amount of stuff at my store was very small and kinda dumped in a corner somewhere. There was only one of the peacock pillows, no blanket or duvet in that pattern, and I didn't like it as much in person.

Plus, the big jumble of riotous prints reminded me of my late-70s early childhood in the house of my "I don't know what psychedelics are, but big clashy prints just get even more cheerful when you put them next to each other!" mom.

(My favorite picture of all of mine is from when I'm a little toddler in the house I was born in. I think mom decorated it at the height of the "giant psychedelic mushrooms with faces" wallpaper craze. I will bring it back here and upload it for you some time.)

So, no print stuff, but I bought a bunch of t-shirts and stuff I can't really afford ... I gotta toss some of my beloved-but-ratty Ts anyway. The patterned blouses and dresses won't work in my workplace with the arctic-level air conditioning, and they were all a bit too patterny for my taste. I like bright colors, or weird pops of color with accessories (shoes!), but wild patterns bring me flashbacks of my mom. Or, really, present-day images of my mom. I just can't handle that. Maybe someday when I have money I will be more experimental in dress.

I had to buy a new floor lamp, as the old one must have a short and it will only turn on sometimes after a lot of thwacking and jiggling the knob. Buying a something as boring as new lamp to replace an old one has to be the epitome of replacement shopping, eh? It doesn't really add any snazzy new decorating look to the room (which needs some wall art or something), just makes it so I don't go blind trying to read by the flickers of my computer screen. At least it works.

But I got a lot done today after the shopping ---- shredding last year's essays and cleaning the living room and the catbox and cubic fuckloads of dishes and getting groceries and a half a dozen other errands and then I made a nice simple little dinner and all. Not very exciting, but pretty necessary.

It remains to be seen whether I tackle the other half of my to-do list tomorrow and go back to working on the job apps or play hooky and go outside somewhere. I have to hunt up quarters and scale mountains of laundry, among other things.

Anyway, my cat is pestering me again, so that must mean I should close this post with a cat picture:


medieval woman said...

Hee, hee - cubic fuckloads.

I felt the exact same way about the Liberty stuff at Target - it's too Austin Powers for my taste.

Phul Devi said...

I have to check it out. I kind of go in for 70s tragic kitsch, so I might be interested...

And, may I say, that it one hell of a cute cat picture! Bright eyes!

Sisyphus said...

I think individual prints are very pretty in a 60s kind of way, but jumbled in a heap on a side table they really brought out my visceral "ick, it's mom's house!" reaction.

Plus I can't do long maxi dresses --- I'm only 5 feet tall, ferchrissake! --- and all the prints I liked were those cuts.

However, now I really want to go to a fabric store that has lots of liberty prints and make up something of my own for the house! not that I have time, money, or my own sewing machine at this moment. Eh.