Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revising is hard/Cleaning out the stale prose

*Sniff, sniff* Ok, something is wrong with this chapter. What is off, exactly?

It doesn't really look off. I can't put my finger on it. *Sniiiiiiiff sniff sniff* 

Do I really have to dump everything, scrub it out, and start over? Ugh. 


No. I don't think the problem is over here. *Sniff* And I don't think the problem is over here. *Sniff sniff* But when I look at the whole thing, something just isn't right.

*SNIFF sniff sniff sniff Sniiiiiiiiiff* Oh my god I think I'm getting lightheaded from all this inhaling. And yet I can't figure out what I need to do with this chapter! 


What is wrong, what is wrong. Hmm...

Maybe I should reorganize. I dunno.  *Clink clank clunk jingle shuffle shuffle*

*SNIFF Sniff Sniff* I don't think the problem is here.

Is this the problem? *Snifff* Is this the problem? *Sniff sniff* Ok if this area is fine, why do I not like it?  Maybe it is all in my head? *Sniff sniff sniff* Gah I hate revising! 

I can't bear to even look at any of this! I just wanna close it up and order a pizza.

Leftovers, anyone?


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Revising is thousands of times harder than actually writing. Good luck. I know it's hard.

anthea said...

Yes, it is much harder than writing but maybe I'm odd but I really like this part.

Autumn Song said...

I love this analogy! I'm trying to revise some work at the moment, too, and it's very difficult. Sometimes pizza is the only answer...

Susan said...

Just remember, those capers you need are buried behind the moldy green beans that you never finished!