Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello, I'm making progress on my chapter. Unless I'm not. I don't seem to be moving forward, but I am certainly expending a lot of energy waving my arms over here.

Undine writes while wrestling snakes, I seem to be playing a game of whack-a-passage. Every time I rewrite, review, and unbold one messy section of my chapter, I move something to a different section and mess that up instead, and there are just as many bolded sections with notes to myself 1. as when I started.

And don't even ask about what happened when I opened up the footnotes! Not only had I not been looking at the footnotes, back when I read through that huge pile of criticism I stuffed a bunch of notes and crap down in the footnotes, as if they were seeds that would magically grow into beautiful flowers. They didn't. And I was stupid enough to look back there. I thought of using the metaphor of opening up the walls of a really old house, but no. The correct way to describe it is this:

Damn crap stuffed in the footnotes and left to rot. I thought this place was looking pretty good! That'll teach me to follow the odd smells.

I hope your summer writing projects are going more smoothly.

1. Eh, that bold sentence is crap. Go back later and make it not suck.


Dr. Dad, PhD said...

Good luck! I'm a firm believer in process writing. While it can get messy, frustrating and tedious, it usually ends up with a better product than you started with.

If you survive the process, that is....

Sisyphus said...

If you survive the process, that is....

Yeah, that's the trick, isn't it?

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

That last picture made me want to vomit. Ye gads, woman! Even my children don't ... oh wait. Yeah they do. Carry on.

Good luck with all of this. :)