Monday, October 15, 2012

A random shoe post

Well, I said I would post here if I did a good amount of work today. What is a good amount, anyway? Ugh. I spent hours finishing up one of those crazy-complicated apps for a research leave type position, and then spent more hours just fiddling with the damn hr websites for job apps! I hate you all! And by you, I mean whoever decided to create application pages that require my salary for all the various "jobs" I have held and whether I would work the swing shift if offered the job (no I could not bypass those questions) only to have everything crash and not be saved when I tried to finally confirm my app. Argh.

I ended up eating almost a whole bowl of sour cream while doing the apps today. I wanted to put some on top of the chips I was eating (no more salsa) and ended up putting a whole lot in the bowl, like it was ice cream, and then ... well, I had been losing weight, just by happenstance, the past few weeks. It is probably all back now. Ah well.

I also had a beer for dinner tonight. I'm not really hungry after an afternoon of chips and sour cream, you know? Then later I was thirsty, so I had a nice juicy apple. This somehow works out nicely for nutrients and calories. I declare it to be so.

Anyway, shoes! Modcloth has been showing lots of really really cute colorful stuff that I am drooling over, but I'm holding off. It is getting cold, to say nothing of rainy, and the thought of wearing something open on the top of my foot or with lots of cutouts is no longer appealing. All I have in my wardrobe besides knee-high boots, however (and you know I am never slighting those) are tennis shoes. Not really workwear. So I was inspired by Maude (wait, she's Lola now, right? Nola?), who is getting clogs but is interested in oxfords, and I went and looked at, you know, shoe-shaped shoes instead of boots or pumps. I haven't worn any of those for years. Usually everything looks too manly for my style or I just don't like it with dressy pants. But I did see these:

 Snazzy, no? I kinda want them, and am kinda worried that they won't really go into my current wardrobe since I don't wear jeans to teach. And yet they are so shiny!

Does anyone have "shoe shoes" recommendations for me? Not clogs --- workwear laceup type things.

In return, I will show you the beautiful things I am window-shopping for at modcloth:

The spats are so retro-cute and playful! They are almost all sold out already, though. The "Art Deco" shoes are gorgeous and must be seen from many angles to be truly appreciated! I covet them. I do not have anything to wear with them, really. And yet...!

Ooh. Ahh. I stare at them and all thoughts of hr website troubles are wiped from my mind. Mmmmm....


anthea said...

Gorgeous shoes...stunning. Sigh...sadly my feet are usually too wide to consider taking the risk in buying shoes online. But I'll still practise window shopping online.

Maude said...

I tried to comment a couple of days ago, but my phone wouldn't let me!

I LOVE those Oxfords! OMG! They must be mine! I may have to check them out!