Sunday, October 14, 2012


Meh. I am a sad panda with no get up and/or go. I am too tired to do anything more tonight --- and it's kinda hot in here, for some reason --- and yet I am unable to make myself go to bed. I have accomplished some things, but not many things. And of course on the list today was ALL the things. Meh.

I have also been promised a rainstorm from the weather service and have been awaiting it, for some reason, all evening. It has not yet been sent. In addition I had all the makings of black bean burritos (cooked yesterday) but instead I had the chips and salsa to go with them for dinner. Sigh.

I should empty the dishwasher. I should go through another ILL book. I should go to bed instead of switch around my sleep schedule horribly and have troubles getting to sleep in a reasonable time frame the rest of the week.

Ok, tomorrow I want to do a long yoga practice first thing, and then I need to finish and upload a bunch more job applications before returning the library books. And then I can turn my attention toward planning the rest of the week.

I will not look at shoes. Nor sweaters. (Although, if you can find me some nice-looking, but more boring than artistically weird, heavier weight sweaters for when the weather gets to winterizing, I'd be much obliged. Tissue-weight or cotton-blends don't really work around here. And everything I find online is either cashmere (Ooh! Yeah right. You can buy it for me then!) or it is red or blue. All the sweaters I have are red or blue. And you can't wear blue sweaters with blue jeans without people making Smurf jokes, if you are my height.)

Revising schedule then: Ok, if I am good and highly productive, I can post links to shoes tomorrow night.


Fretful Porpentine said...

I think they delivered your rainstorm to my town by mistake. Want to come and pick it up?

Sisyphus said...

Can't you just slap a forwarding address on it and move it along?