Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pollen argh

I have felt so yecccch the past few days. Itchy eyes, drippy nose like a faucet, lassitude, bleah. And I have been taking my clairitin religiously too! It feels like my days when I don't remember to take it, which makes me worried if I do inadvertently skip a day.

There is a massive bush, tree, hedge of evil, whatever you might call it, blooming right next to my front door.  I think that either my AC filters need cleaning or there is just so much pollen coming off these suckers that it is getting in here anyway. I have to run the windshield wipers for a few minutes every time I get in the car because the whole front is solid yellow. Grumble grumble grumble.

I think I might actually feel better when I leave the house (I have been following the general rule to stay inside, away from the allergens, when I feel this crappy), as long as I go to one of the big box superstores surrounded by a moat of concrete. Campus, with its oasis of lovely hundred-year-old trees, is no better than home. Of course, this defeats the purpose of being out here this summer ---- all the lovely hiking and nature-experiencing I would theoretically like to do. And today has cooled off to a lovely 80 degrees, which is totally doable outside. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for lightning, so I have another reason not to go outside. I wish there was rain forecast too, as it might wash the pollen out of the air a bit, but alas, that does not seem to be in the works.

To make things even worse, I went and bought sodas and didn't even think to bring back chips and salsa! What was I thinking? I guess I could sit around and snack on this fresh fruit and salad, but where's the fun in that? Meh. Sniffle. Meh.


Anonymous said...

I have a horrific cold/cough AND now I have allergies too. (I can tell about the allergies because the drip stopped when I cranked up the air filter.) I am also feeling very sorry for myself.

Hope you find relief soon!

Flavia said...

I take Claritin every 12hrs some days--not for too many days at a time, but there are certain days when, like you, I feel like I haven't even taken any because of the allergic response I'm having to stupid blooming things.

I wouldn't go crazy, or anything, but you might try upping the dosage a little and seeing if it helps. (Generally, anything sold OTC has to be safe enough to be taken at higher dosages than what they tell you.)