Monday, June 3, 2013

Random cat and flea question

My cats are indoor-only cats. But I did have that situation where they picked up fleas that one summer --- I think the front door doesn't fit quite as tightly sealed as I'd like. I put them on the flea treatment (and had the joys of cleaning and cleaning and cleaning until I got rid of the damn fleas) and kept them on it for a very long time (probably over a year), and eventually just stopped going back and buying more, since the vet-prescription stuff is expensive.

Their annual vet visit is coming up again soon --- should I put them back on the flea treatment, considering it is now summer and all? Or just not do anything about it right now? Suggestions, advice?

Also, I am contemplating how to clean my damn fuzzy blankets, the ones the cats love to lie on. I don't feel like running them through the laundry yet again. I may have to vacuum them *and* run them through the laundry though, they are so hairy. Tell me the best way to deal with silly cats and their shedding!


Belle said...

Repeat after me:
Cat hair is the ultimate fashion accessory.
Cat hair is the most choice of condiments.

Repeat until you accept that without hesitation.

Anonymous said...

My cats are indoor cats, too - I tend to flea treat them at the beginning and at the end of each summer but don't bother with doing the treatment every month. Seems to work.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Try running the blankets through the dryer with a damp towel. Repeatedly. Clean the lint trap frequently. It gets a lot of fur off without clogging the washer's pipes.

Susan said...

What DEH says. I can get rid of cat hair with the dryer only.