Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Plan snags

I hate snags. In keeping with my usual non-method method, I have been working on a totally different, non-office-art related plan today: the kayak. I finally got up the courage to go down to the shop and sign up for their demo day coming up. I hate cold calling people and I hate going in to talk to strangers, and this kind of interaction is definitely there for me. I like kayaking but know nothing about it, and it is tough to put myself in the "do-de-do I know nuttin" clueless position while shopping at a place that clearly caters to people who are already experts in the sport, especially when I want to ask a lot of questions and not really move on to purchase making yet.

Anyway: the snag. In direct opposition to what I had been told by somebody else at the college, my roof is not compatible with kayak roof racks and the salesperson walked me through one of their trailer setups. Hmm. Ugh. I am a risk-averse, even timid person; I don't like this idea of driving around with something very long dragging behind me and dealing with parking and otherwise maneuvering a trailer. The basic trailer the person was showing me was also about twice as expensive as the most expensive lift-assist roof rack I have found. There are some pluses to a trailer, namely not having to lift the kayak up very far, but many many drawbacks. And where would I store this thing at my apartment ---- in the office inside? While I might be able to pull that off for the kayak itself (I don't have secure space outside out of the sun), I don't think that is even possible with a trailer.

This puts me back around to my other plans: maybe I should replace my car before going any further with the kayak plan, or move to a house. Both of those plans, realistically, are gonna take me a couple years to actually implement, considering how slow I move and make decisions and save money. Harrumph. But then that means much less kayaking, no spontaneity to the kayaking, and I'm gonna have to shell out a lot of money to rent something by the day before later buying something. Grumble. Maybe I'm gonna have to not put any money into my office art in order to get my other plans together. Arrgh! I hate snags. And decisions. Decision snags on all fronts.

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Bardiac said...

Is there a dealer for your car type near? If so, maybe try taking your car, or calling, and asking specifically what weight the top can handle? (My roof rack specifically says it can handle something like 60 pounds, which isn't enough for a big thing, but plenty for my kayak and rack system.)