Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fast and Slow

I eagerly await the approach of the weekend. I am so fried. I am messing things up for classes right and left. Sigh.

So I had a call for an interview, at a cc, and I went to it. And I just got a very nice rejection phone call. Sigh. That was fast. I bumbled a few things because I tried to teach my classes instead of cancel them and then drive up to the interview with plenty of time. Now I am behind and muddling things up for my classes and they should be peeved that they had a distracted and confused instructor who gave them the wrong instructions and hustled them out of the classroom early --- and I do not have a second interview to prep on Friday. That's good, in terms of getting on top of teaching and organizing this next week or so... long term, not so good.

In other news I still haven't heard back from that other interview! They must have made the offer to someone else and can't close on the search until they finish negotiating? But even then, the other candidate must be really dragging out negotiating! I just wish they would contact me because I need help with closure, and I can't admit fully that I have been rejected until I have been officially rejected (hope springs eternal).

I am processing this Fast Place rejection and while I am second-guessing bits here and there, really it all went too fast for me to imaginatively invest and build up lots of hopes, so I am more about worrying about the inchoate future than on grieving specifics about that job. (Hmm: inchoate? Upon looking it up, I think that might not be the word I want.)

I think I have another Thing in the pipeline, but man the semester is winding down fast. People are having a fight over the old retiring faculty member's office and someone has come to me and said they need to announce my leaving at some point to put my office into this fight in a fair and transparent way, but didn't want to just spill the beans on me without my permission. Sigh. Ideally I would like to say, so sorry but I am off to take a wonderful opportunity at ______. But I still don't know what my wonderful opportunity is. It might be me leaving and relocating with no clue what my next job is. (Gulp.) And I will need to get back to Office Arrangement Person in about a week, I think.

Sigh. There are many many ways I would have liked to write this story but this doesn't seem to be going in the direction of any of them.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

There's nothing saying you can't contact the "taking its sweet time" school and ask for a status report. I did that with HU, and it turned out that wasn't a terrible idea. I was not their first choice, ultimately, but the other guy rejected their offer. Then, they offered the job to me. Fools. Mwhahaha. (Just kidding. I think I'm awesome.)

Anyway -- it wouldn't be weird, I think, to shoot them an email... unless you already have. One email or one phone call is okay. More than one = not okay.

Anonymous said...

Since Hot Place seems to be West Coast perhaps, have you seen the recent writing instructor posting for UC Merced? I saw it on the WPA listserv, and they wanted folks with experience like yours at the CC and the school you were at before-but with more interest in preparing students for the four-year experience. Just thought it might be a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Yeats had it wrong. The worst lack all conviction, while the best are full of passionate intensity. I say this because from reading your blog for over a year I think you are an excellent teacher. Here is what I think you should do. Why not teach high school English at an international school and see the world at the same time? You should completely break away from the States for awhile. It’s better than teaching at a rural community college or living in your parent’s basement. At 44, after 6 years of teaching high school English in Colorado, I signed a two year contract at a school in Guatemala City, and it’s been the most intense year of my life. I have traveled all through Central America and lived more this year than the previous 6. (Or so it seems.) I feel you are locked up on something and need a drastic change. If you would like me to provide my email for additional information, I will at your request.

Zenmoo said...

Actually, the teaching at an international school could be really good. I went to an international school & they are generally very college prep focused. Check out the International Baccalaureate program - it's easily more demanding than community college. And yeah - see the world!

Historiann said...

Hey Sis--

It's been too long. If you felt your nose or ears twitching last Wednesday, it is because Dr. Virago and I were talking about you & sending sympathetic vibes your way. We are sorry that you're having to scramble now.

Sisyphus said...

Aha! The real reason I stumbled during that interview!