Monday, April 6, 2015

I might implode from all this waiting.

I guess that also I need to grade and prepare all my end of semester class stuff for the new classes and also prepare an interview demo for the Last Chance Saloon *and* possibly revamp my entire life if none of this stuff pans out by the end of the academic year.


So no wonder I am responding by being so incredibly anxious and exhausted at the same time. I can't focus enough to actually do any of that mind-numbing grading right now. Whadoido? Whadoido? I might need to do all the planning and logistics to moving on to a new job, OR I might need to completely replan my life!!!!! Aiiigh!

Too bad I don't have any mindless furniture-assembly or cleaning projects I could use to burn off some of the jitters. Also, remind me to be extra careful with my caffeine consumption right now. I need all the help to stay on an even keel as possible.

And now might as well be a good time to tell you what I can't tell my friends: kombucha is creepy and gross. Seriously, you dump Scooby into a vat of acid until and leave it until it smells like a compost pile. And then you drink his blood. How is this not the behavior of a serial killer?


Contingent Cassandra said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. I remember being in this situation, and it really, really sucks (and I really, really hope not to find myself in it again). I strikes me that if ever there was a time for minimal marking (i.e. slap a grade, and only a grade, on each assignment and tell 'em to see you if you have questions), it is now. Beyond that, I've got nothing, except best wishes for the upcoming interview (and for something better than the Last Chance Saloon turning up, now or in the near future, or the Last Chance Saloon turning out to be a wonderful place with a good cultural fit despite its location, or whatever works).

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good luck with the waiting and the prep. I can at least let you know that it looks like we aren't hiring for fall. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. But thought I'd share. I think this other place would be better anyway. You've read about my humanities woes for a long time. Probably don't want to adopt those woes yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kombucha is totally gross. I recommend very minimal grading from now on, and show a lot of videos or do group work in class. Save your sanity. And don't drink anything nasty.