Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I just got an app rejected that I only sent in last week. In terms of "jobs that I sorta fit but am not an exact fit," I thought I looked pretty good.

The kicker? The posting doesn't even close until the end of Feb. FML!

Maybe I did something wrong in the app and got bounced by hr before the committee could even see it. Or maybe fate has rained down a budget crisis on their head and had to cut the position entirely.

That's what you get for rejecting me, you assholes. Do not tempt my wrath!

So anyway, this isn't making today's to-do list of trying to muddle my way through those damn community college applications any easier. Grr.


anthea said...

Argh!! What? Are you sure that you didn't make a mistake in the app so it got bounced?

Anyhow I'm sorry to hear the bad news but good luck with those community college applications.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

On our recent search, they immediately cut anyone that looked like they were applying to jobs that they were barely qualified for. Sucks, but there are tons of applications.